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Battery Level Icon (Basic)


Battery Level Icon (Basic) provides the icon with the battery level in percentage (%) on the device's notification status bar.
It shows the voltage, temperature and health status in the notification area.

* No advertisement!
* Ultimately lightweight, smallest footprints, resources, memory or CPU taken comparing to other similar apps on the market.
* Basic version offers you the the most basic but yet the most important and necessary information you need, thus it reduces the resources that it needs.
* Three intuitive colors, green, amber and red to represent the percentage (%) level for 100-50, 49-20 and 19-0 respectively, which you can not find in other similar available free apps unless you pay for it. (Please refer to the screenshots)
* Support Android 1.5 (cupcake) and UP!

Upcoming non-Basic version will offer you more features, stay tuned.

Known limitations:
* Some devices, mostly Motorola one, e.g. Droids, will report the percentage (%) in the increments of 10th, i.e. 10%, 20%, 30% and so on.
* The app can not override that device's limitation.
System default battery icon can not be replaced since it is come with the kernel and no way to be overridden or taken out.

Email me any problems/bugs/suggestions if you have any.
Thank you.


100% - 50%
49% - 20%
19%- 0%


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